My Super Psycho Quinces

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Yes, you are finally 15, and yes, you are finally a “woman.” Shouldn’t you start acting like one? In MTV Tr3s‘ very succesful show Quiero mis Quinces portrays young glamorous Latinas who get the coolest cars for their 15th birthday. Yes, we’re happy for you, gals… But it seems that you’re losing control and sight of what really matters.

The soon-to-be quinceañeras take as much advantage as they can of the precious situation, while Mami and Papi deal with their little princesitas’ insatiable appetites for glitz. But the grating-on-our-nerves effect is multiplied by the fact that their comings and goings are broadcast on TV, which makes an event that’s all about popularity and reputation in the first place turn into a second-hand embarrassment debacle.

These well-to-do MTV debutantes aren’t close to what I’ve seen in most Latino communities. What is the average parent to do about the unaffordable quinces coming up, and fulfilling the bratty princess’ deepest desire?  With teen role models such as these, parents are entre la espada y la pared! And now the network has created Quiero mi Boda. One can only hope that, since the show features grown women, they behave as such.

“Becoming a woman” is one of the most important transitions in a girl’s life, but Quiero‘s approach is not about the maturity of body and mind, or about the new circumstances women face in this new chapter of their life. In these shows girls are simply spoiled rotten.

If you are a young Latina looking forward to your quinces, relax! True friends will show up without the need for you to give them outlandish invitation gifts such as iPhones! Also, be thankful for whatever your parents are willing to do for you. Think for a while that this party and new chapter in your life is important not only for you but for the people around you who want you to be happy. Don’t mistreat them! In other words, have a happy quinces… but don’t be another psycho quinceañera:

We don’t want the Latino version of this movie. Really!