NarcoPaloma Has Found True Love With Another Carrier Pigeon

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NarcoPaloma, the drug-peddling, fanny-pack wearing pigeon discovered at a Costa Rican jail, has found love. According to Teletica, NarcoPaloma will probably be a dad soon. After being caught with 14 grams of cocaine and 14 grams of weed in jail, NarcoPaloma was transferred to Centro de Rescate Animal ZooAve, and people asked for his release.

But NarcoPaloma’s criminal record past didn’t make it possible for his release. “The pigeon was with other birds of the same species, but he couldn’t be released because of his condition,” ZooAve said in a release. “And to our surprise, we found him courting Kathy, another carrier pigeon.”

Kathy and NarcoPaloma are still in the courting process, but ZooAve says that a baby NarcoPaloma is what’s coming next. We didn’t think there would be another bird that could rival NarcoPaloma, but obviously, we were wrong.