Barcelona's Wildest Party Hits NY

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Barcelona’s most infamously debauched party, Nasty Mondays, made its New York debut this week at Le Poisson Rouge. Known in Spain for it’s non-stop sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll, the huge European party was created five years ago by DJs Mad Max and Soren.

Since there are a lot of young Scandinavians living in Barcelona, the Nasty Mondays style is highly influenced by these savvy fashionistas of the North. But it’s not a one-way street: No other party will have more ethereal beauties covered in anchor tattoos and pounding whiskey while throwing their fists in the air like one of the boys. Nasty Mondays is where the tattooed surfers and rockers of Barcelona go to mingle with the Scandinavian beauties visiting their shore. Skater punks dance all night with beatnik designers and fashion photographers. Partiers who look like they’ve been pulled straight out of Saved By the Bell commingle with bad ass bikers. No matter where the influence comes from, the style at Nasty Mondays is always over the top.

That being said, it was very interesting to see what New York brought to the table as Nasty Mondays began their monthly party at Le Poisson Rouge. For starters, Macaulay Culkin was in the building, but let’s stick to aesthetics.

Like Barcelona, New York City is a land of extremely stylish people but having lived in both cities myself, I can tell you that people in the Big Apple want to look stylish, rich, and thin more than anything. Hence, a lot of black. In Barcelona, people want to just look cool, man. The kids in Barcelona don’t care if hot pink tights don’t make their legs look as good as black stockings because pink leggings are totally rad.

Barcelona and Nasty Mondays is all about having fun with your clothes. It will be interesting to see if the style of DJs Max, Soren, and the rest of the Barcelona crew will rub off on us New Yorkers.

I wore all black and studs. You tell me.

The next Nasty Mondays in NYC will take place June 21st at Le Poisson Rouge.