Twin Sisters Face Hate Crime Charges After Physical Attack on Latino Neighbors

Lead Photo: Photo by artolympic / iStock / Getty Images Plus
Photo by artolympic / iStock / Getty Images Plus
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As hate crimes increase, social media has become a tool to seek justice and spread awareness. Recently, Carlos Ruiz shared a few videos of a pair of gringa twins verbally and physically attacking his family. The women – Natasha and Shala Fross, 26 – now face several assault and hate crime charges for their drunken attack on their neighbors in May.

It went down on May 7 in Commerce City, Colorado. “My mom was walking back home from the neighbor’s home when they ran up to her and attacked her,” Ruiz told On his Facebook post, he elaborated that the twins “started punching her and pulling on her hair” and said things like “how TF do Mexicans have money to own the houses we do and have the cars we do.” His sister intervened, and she was attacked in the process as well. He explained that he felt powerless because he couldn’t do anything, for fear of getting in trouble with the law. He instead documented the encounter.

According to the affidavit, the confrontation happened before Carlos’ mom was heading back home. The two women allegedly began hurling insults and telling to go back to Mexico. When the victims threatened to call the police, the women retreated inside, but soon came back outside when the family began making their way home. That’s when they assaulted Carlos’ mom. When police arrived, the women refused to heed instruction. They continued to yell at the Latino family.

In one of the clips shared, a cop can be heard saying, “This is not looking good for you. Go wait at your house.” Eventually, the women were arrested at the scene.

For his part, Ruiz has thanked cops for their response, and he has also used his platform to remind people of the consequences of Trump’s words. “It’s 2018 and this is the stuff our president promotes “kick them out,’ ‘they are like animals,’ ‘they are [rapists],’ ‘they are criminals,’” he wrote on Facebook. “No!!! We are people just trying to have a better life. We work. We pay taxes. We don’t live [off] the government!!”

Check out one of his videos below.