Natti Natasha Addresses Rumors About Raphy Pina Relationship in Cryptic Post

Lead Photo: Photo by Rodrigo Varela/Getty Images
Photo by Rodrigo Varela/Getty Images
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Celebrity gossip is alive and well in Latin music after Natti Natasha deleted photos from her social media pages of her and Raphy Pina together. The removal of the photos caused a big buzz about what is happening with their relationship. Natasha came forward on social media recently and posted a tweet that seems to address the rumors while pledging her loyalty to Pina.

“I’ve never characterized myself with controversies,” Natasha tweeted. “Now, even less. Your problems are my problems and we will fight them together.”

Natasha and Pina’s relationship has been catching fans’ attention for years. At the beginning, the two wanted to keep the relationship a secret to create a private life for themselves that the public wasn’t privy to.

The cryptic messages coming from Natasha made things seem like the couple had called it quits. Before claiming to fight battles together, the “Sin Pijama” singer tweeted about knowing how to say goodbye.

“To grow as a person is to know how to say goodbye…,” Natasha tweeted. “Because when love doesn’t kill, it dies. I will read our story a thousand times…”

Pina has publicly been facing a legal battle tied to weapons charges. The music producer was found guilty of illegal possession of weapons in December 2021 and faces up to 20 years in prison. Pina is awaiting sentencing.

This isn’t the first time that Pina has been in legal trouble. In 2016, Pina was convicted of money laundering and fraud. He was sentenced to two years of probation as a result.

Pina’s sentencing hearing is scheduled for April 18.