Neither Wikipedia nor Mafalda like SOPA. Learn why.

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As most of you probably already know – or if you’re trying to hit a school deadline, you are now frantically finding out – that Wikipedia is going dark today for 24 hours to protest SOPA, the bill congress is working on that’s supposed to end internet piracy but would actually ruin the free and open internet we’ve all, as Americans, come to know and love. Google’s doodle today is black censor bars over the logo.  At Remezcla we take special umbrage at this bill, because it would criminalize what so many of our favorite DJs and YouTube stars do.

This morning, I was shown this image from internet meme factory 9GAG, created by user chichoman, of famous precocious cartoon Argentine six year old Mafalda. It got me thinking.

We’re not going dark, and we’re too addicted to social media to stop using Facebook and Twitter today, but was there a way we could show our solidarity with the other sites protesting ?

So this is a call to action for our readers: change your profile picture to an image of Mafalda today si a ti tampoco te gusta la SOPA. And when your friends ask you about it, explain to them in GREAT DETAIL what’s wrong with this bill.

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UPDATE: Great minds think alike. Our buddies over at Latino Rebels have an awesome new twitpic.

UPDATE 2: DeviantArt user ~alexneko created an incredible Mafalda themed SOPA explanation graphic.