Never Forget the Time Hillary Clinton and DNC Delegates Danced to the “Macarena” in 1996

Twenty years ago, Hillary Clinton may not have shattered the glass ceiling at the Democratic National Convention, but she did awkwardly dance along as Los del Ríos’ “Macarena” played. In 1996 – as the song went whatever the 90s version of viral is – the DNC delegates showed off their moves. Clinton watched from above and swayed along, but never fully gave in. Unfortunately. It’s still completely hilarious, so check out the slightly edited video above.

Journalist Salim Muwakkil explained on Democracy Now that the song projected “a hip, energetic, multi-culti image of the Democratic Party on national TV.” Lololol, but if this is true, then it should have happened again this year. Muwakkil also added, “It also reminds America that the Democrats oppose English-only laws, since the song was originally all in Spanish. But you have to wonder if the political handlers who designed this convention bothered to listen to the lyrics. Give you body happiness, Macarena/ That your body is to give happiness and pleasure/ Give your body happiness, Macarena/Hey, Macarena!” Methinks not.

If you want to see more of this uncoordinated group, check out four minutes of goodness, courtesy of C-Span.

[H/T Jesse McLaren]