23-Year-Old Man Charged With Burglary for Stealing His Mother’s Pozole

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When 23-year-old Jonathan Ray texted his mother to let her know he was stopping by for dinner, she told him not to bother. But it was pozole day, and Ray wasn’t going to be stopped. So when he got to his mother’s home in Albuquerque, he broke in through the back door, went straight to the fridge, and made off with the soup like some pozole bandit.

“He opened the door and grabbed that big pot of pozole I had made for my kids,” Ray’s mom told the Albuquerque Journal. “He knew I had made it.”

When Ray’s mother checked her backyard, she saw that the garage door appeared to have been forced open. Ray’s mom was all:

So much so, that she called the police and pressed charges against her son. “She stated that she did want to press the burglary charge due to the fact that he did not have her permission to enter her home and take the pot of pozole,” a police officer wrote in the complaint. Damn, that’s cold, Ray’s Mom.

Clearly these two have some deep issues to resolve because this incident wasn’t the first time the police have been called to remove Ray from his mother’s house. “He needs help,” she said.

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