Email Remezcla Your Tips! (No, not money, but then again if you're offering…)

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As you know, Remezcla is always interested in the latest and greatest, but, since we’re just mere mortals – heroic, powerful, incredibly good looking mortals, but mortals nonetheless – we can’t be everywhere at once.

Taking a cue from some blogs we think are awesome, we’ve decided to create a tips line, where you, our loyal Remezclanistas, can tip your editors on stories you think might fit the Remezcla blog ethos. Know a cool scenester? An underground party venue? A gallery? Someone doing great work for their community? A tamalera with a fascinating life story? New Latin beer? Mysterious street art appearing out of nowhere? A food truck we should check out? Neighborhood news? The coolest botanica in the whole entire city? Drop us a line, and if it strikes our fancy, we may swoop in like Batman and cover it. This is your chance to help Remezcla find and cover the most interesting characters and phenomena in your hood.

Things the Tips Email is not for:

  • An event to include on the calendar. (That goes to or you can submit it yourself!)
  • Spam.
  • Boring stuff.

Use this wisely. With great power comes great responsibility. (Didn’t you hear? Spider Man’s Latino now.) Anyway, the address is. (Drumroll.)

Brilliant, right? We don’t know where we come up with this stuff, either.