New ‘Trumpealo’ App Lets You Smack Trump Upside the Head

Lead Photo: Trumpealo
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Donald Trump has been running his mouth about Mexicans and non-white immigrants since he announced his presidential bid. While it’s really hard to sink to his level (because really who can stoop that low?), people are getting even in other ways.

Mexican developer KaraOKulta has released Trumpealo, an Android app that rewards you for throwing soccer balls, shoes and other crap at Trump. (Avoid throwing flowers at him or he’ll win.) Think of it as the digitzed version of the Trump Piñata that Piñateria Ramirez made earlier this year. Except, you know, on the go.

Based on the gameplay, it seems that even after you defeat Trump, you can continue to pelt him with items. The game is still in the beta stage, according to Milenio. The developers are taking suggestions for the game here, and so far, people have proven to be world-class at trolling. Some have suggested they include Oreos, because recently Trump declared war on the chocolate sandwich cookie after the company announced it was moving some of its operations to Mexico. 

If that’s not your style, you can always play Trumpada, where you play as Trump and throw money at all your problems. The one thing both games have in common is that they really got that Trump mane down.