The last two weeks have seen a tapestry of individuals from across the globe unite in one voice in defense of Black lives. Many cities and countries—such as Los Angeles and Brazil—have shown the world what active, intentional, peaceful activism looks like. New York City, as per usual, does not stay behind.

While some seek to circumvent the issue(s) at hand or hope to falsely appease groups, protesters have declared the fight is far from over.

“My heart breaks every day,” a teacher on the ground shared. “I hope that things start to change.”

“Police don’t care about protecting people. Their only interest is preserving the status quo,” another protester told us in Spanish.

Watch the video above for a glimpse at the uprising in the city of New York.

Senior Producer: Rodrigo Olivar; Producer: ELC; Editor: Kilpatry Montes De Oca; Sound Recording: Vera Qusipe.