Tracking the New York Taco

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Certain things should not bear the “Made in China” stamp. Case in point: Tacos. New Yorkers know too well the plight of trying to find a solid Mexican hole-in-the-wall that doesn’t share its menu with General Tso’s chicken.

Luckily, Taco NYC is on it. The New York taco blog sniffs out posers and tracks the best finds throughout New York City. The guy running the blog, Tizoc Schwartz, is a L.A. bred self-proclaimed aficionado who keeps it real (“Tell them to ease up on the cebolla”), and writes unbiased reviews with portion specs, directions (some finds are as far out as Staten Island), bang-for-your-buck ratings and a bit of restaurant history.

For a culinary authenticity nazi, or even an average New Yorker, the blog is the perfect tool for that tacos al pastor habit you can’t kick. As a bonus, their posts keep you in the loop with necessary news items like the one about a guy who got mugged with a machete for his tacos. Some people take their tacos seriously. Good to know Taco NYC does too.

Check out the blog here.

Image via Taco NYC