Nicolás Maduro Accidentally Reads Tweet Telling Him to Suck It on Live TV

Lead Photo: (LEO RAMIREZ/AFP/Getty Images)

Nicolás Maduro – known for leveraging bots to make himself as well loved as Pope Francis on Twitter – was betrayed by his social network of choice. During a live airing of his show, En contacto con Maduro, the Venezuelan president read a series of tweets from his constituents.

The first person said: “Nicolás Maduro, help me.” The second message said: “Without going backward.” And then, the third: “Nicolás Maduro chúpalo.” He inadvertently participated in Jimmy Kimmel’s “Celebrity Read Mean Tweets.” And though he does try to come back at the tweeter with “Chúpate tu tu cambio,” it’s obvious he was shook.