Watch The Nightly Show Tackle Cuba, Feat. John Leguizamo, Soledad O’Brien

This was the opening week for The Nightly Show, and so far the reviews have been pretty good (though I’m still sad Larry Wilmore wasn’t able to use his original, way better name for the show: The Minority Report).

Last night, Wilmore tackled Cuba, first with a comedic segment that included some pretty hilarious references to the KFC DoubleDown, and later with a panel featuring Soledad O’Brien, John Leguizamo, Cuban democracy advocate Mauricio Claver-Carone and Nightly Show contributor Mike Yard. They explored various sides of the debate around normalizing relations with Cuba – the POV that embargo hasn’t worked and American influence might help democracy flourish, and the POV that entering into relations with a dictatorship legitimizes oppression and undermines the pro-democracy movement on the ground. And then there was Leguizamo, who mainly chimed in to crack jokes about lowriders and brown-nosing. I love you John Leguizamo, but I’m not sure why you were on this panel.

Watch the segment below: