Nike Honors Dia de Los Muertos With ‘Siempre Familia’ Shoe Line

Lead Photo: Credit: Ali Radcliffe (INDUSTRY)/Nike
Credit: Ali Radcliffe (INDUSTRY)/Nike
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Nike is continuing to highlight the Latine community by celebrating a time-honored tradition in the Latine culture, Dia de Los Muertos, with a new shoe line called “Siempre Familia.” 

In partnership with creative agency INDUSTRY, who designed the brand story and marketing campaign for “Siempre Familia,” the line draws its inspiration from Mictlan. A look at the shoes and you will see the bright colors and patterns that echo the place. In Aztec culture, Mictlan is the final stop of those who have recently departed. It is believed that each soul after death must travel through nine levels before arriving at Mictlan and having their soul achieve eternal rest. 

Both Air Force 1 and Air Jordan 1 will carry unique designs. Embroidered swooshes, iconic to the Nike brand, and a Siempre Familia graphic is on the insole along one shoe. While on the Air Jordan 1 it’s on each tongue of the shoe. 

But, to take it a step further, the shoes come in a box that also serves as artwork for your personal use. There are even a few that come with two pairs of shoes so you can share them with the family. 

The shoes have been released in Mexico as of last week and will be available globally on October 29.