Nike Pays Homage to Puerto Rico with Piragua Sneakers

Lead Photo: Nike
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In celebration of National Puerto Rican Day on June 11, 2023, Nike is about to drop a pair of new sneakers that pay homage to the sweeter side of Puerto Rico’s culture. The piragua.

The Nike Air Max 1 “Puerto Rico” Collection will come in two styles: Blue Gale and Orange Frost. Both are designed after the frozen treats in Puerto Rico known as piraguas. Depending on what part of Latin America you find yourself in, piraguas are known by different names. In the Dominican Republic, they’re called frio frio or yun yun. In Mexico and the southwest United States, you can cool yourself off on a hot day with a tasty raspa or raspado.

The Puerto Rico Blue Gale and Puerto Rico Orange Frost are made from a mix of textile, leather, and suede. Each design features images of anthropomorphic piraguas with arms and legs on the tongue of the shoe. The words “Puerto Rico” and “Nike Air” are embroidered on the heels. The shoes also feature what is described as a special “jewel Swoosh logo” on the sides.

A customized towel is said to also be included when customers purchase a pair of shoes from the “Puerto Rico” Collection. Maybe you can use it to keep yourself dry when you’re outdoors for National Puerto Rican Day. Or maybe to wipe your mouth after you scarf down a tamarindo-flavored piragua.

The Nike Air Max 1 “Puerto Rico” Collection is expected to be released sometime this month, and retail for $140.