Here’s a First Look at Nike’s ‘Puerto Rico’ Sneakers Before Re-Release This Summer

Lead Photo: Nike
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The third time just might be the charm for Nike’s Air Force 1 “Puerto Rico” limited-edition sneakers. After canceling the release of the footwear twice – once in 2019 and again in 2020 – it’s probably safe to say that Nike doesn’t want to chalk up a third strike with their latest design.

If you don’t remember what happened to the first two versions of the Nike Air Force 1 “Puerto Rico” sneakers, here’s a quick overview. In 2019, the release of the shoe was stopped after an indigenous group in South America revealed that the pattern on the sneakers was a traditional “mola” pattern from the Guna people in Panama and Colombia and had nothing to do with Puerto Rico.

The following year, Nike tried to release the Nike Air Force 1 “Puerto Rico” sneakers again but had to pull the plug when the Puerto Rican flag was printed backwards on the tongue of the shoe.

Now, with its third version, it looks like Nike has gotten it right. The new design is a white low top with a light blue Nike swoosh and a teal-colored outsole. A silver accessory is featured at the base of the shoelaces – one with the words “Puerto Rico” and the other with an image of a domino.

On the back of the shoe, the words “Nike Air” and “Puerto Rico” are printed in teal. There is also red text on a tab on the inside of the tongue that reads, “Built with pure craftsmanship and quality detail for the highest level of style.” The inside soles of the shoes are decorated with several words and phrases in different fonts and colors, including “Mi gente,” “Pa L’ante Wepa,” “Boricua,” “Familia” and “Viejo San Juan.”

The Nike Air Force 1 “Puerto Rico” sneakers are scheduled to be released in June 2022.