No More Nacotheque?

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All good things must come to an end…. and while we’ve flocked to the Fontana’s basement for Nacotheque for years now (not to mention the Cakeshop, Delancey, and Kion basements before that, and that other spot Route something-or-another before it turned into a bear bar), we’ll only do so 5 more times.

Wait, whaaaaa?

Yep, you heard it here first, everyone’s favorite Latin indie fete is calling it quits (kinda… see below) after October. Marcelo and Amylulita have other projects in the works (no se preocupen, this isn’t the last you’ve heard from them!), and we can’t rely on the two of them to keep us entertained forever, now can we? So it is with sadness, but also many maaany fond memories, that we bid Nacotheque adios …for now.

But, in good Nacotheque form, the regular Saturday night party is ending with a bang…. The last Nacotheque will be Saturday, October 24th, with a live performance by Amandititita, who’ll be filming a music video there for one of her new singles. Also on the horizon: a best of guests past on September 26th (many of the DJs who’ve graced Nacotheque’s turntables over the last few years), plus a possible performance by ex-Porter singer Juan Son (yet to be confirmed). This Saturday, Los Amigos Invisibles’s DJ Afro returns for some funky tropical goodness.

CLARIFICATION: the party isn’t completely over… just the 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month deal. Keep reading Remezcla for updates on one-offs featuring everyone’s favorite DJ duo.

So chamacos, dry your eyes, and make sure you don’t miss the last five installments of this unforgettable partay. What are your favorite Nacotheque memories? How will you fill the Nacotheque void?