No Te Metas A Mi Facebook

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Who is Esteman? A Colombian singer called Esteban Mateus Williamson (From his Facebook page: ¿Quién es este man? ¿Cuál man? Esteman. Esteban Mateus Williamson (Mayo 4 de 1984))who’s got even Julieta Venegas tweeting about his  video and song “No Te Metas A Mi Facebook.”

Esteman points out to our collective, embarrassingly-compulsive Facebook-engulfed lives in this hilarious video, impeccably directed and produced…by Esteman himself. All the guys are really skinny and the girls are rellenitas, what’s up with that?

The hook is pure genius, makes the act of Facebooking sound…lewd.  “Cuando escribas melodaramas, no me lo hagas por el wall” (wwwwoooooooool!)