No Way Chicago

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I refuse to accept Chicago is the most stressed city in the entire nation. We got the lake, we got amazing food, we got ChiRemezcla telling us all the good stuff going on- no way we can claim that one. According to Forbes magazine Chi city’s rising unemployment rate (7.3%), expensive gas price (hard to find anything under $4/gal), the second highest population density  and  the 7th most polluted air in the US got us to number one on the “anxiety hot spots” list. Second on the list is NYC, followed by Detroit. It takes more than a bad economy and polluted air to take us down, and as far as the fancy term: high population density goes, common since when is overcrowding a problem for Latinos? We actually like to keep it packed, we thrive the more us there are pretty much anywhere, no stress there. Someone should tell Forbes to calculate the Latino stamina in their surveys for  accurate results.

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