NPR’s Latino History of Hip Hop Part 2 Pays Tribute to Our OGs and the Legend of Big Pun

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Anyone who’s ever questioned the value of donating to public radio got a pretty good reason to do just that when part 1 of “A Latino History of Hip Hop” was released a few months back. A well-researched, well-presented gem of a podcast produced by Daisy Rosario and Marlon Bishop, “A Latino History of Hip Hop” flipped the official narrative of hip hop history by showing how truly vital Latinos were to its early development. And of course, along the way we got to groove to the pulsing breakbeats and infectious energy of classic hip hop. Well, now you can take out those checkbooks again, because the long awaited part 2 is now available for your listening pleasure.

Taking their chronological narrative closer to the present day, Rosario and Bishop bring in the likes of Mellow Man Ace, Bobbito García and Cipha Sounds to get the low down on Latin hip hop straight from the people who made it happen. Also included in this hour-long lesson in people’s history is a tribute to the one and only Big Pun and an exploration of DJ Laz‘s personal take on Miami Bass. Do you need any more reasons to listen to this?