Your NY Going Out Guide: The Chicken Soup for the April Fooled Edition

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Twitter: @AndreaGompf

Is it just me, or did the flu season April Fools us? Everyone and their mom seems to be getting some kind of sinus-throat plague, including yours truly – am currently typing this from the quarantined confines of my germy bed 🙁

Last night in my fever dream I got a text from a friend that said “Oh word, you think flu season ends in winter? SIKE YA MIND IT’S BACK IN A B-STRAIN, AND B STANDS FOR BITCH.” Needless to say, I woke up and de-friended that person on Facebook, and then mistakenly blew my nose into a towel I’d confused for a tissue in my fever haze. But enough about me. It’s finally warming up outside, and the able-bodied among you should get out and enjoy the budding spring.

Here’s where I’d be going this week if I didn’t have scarlet fever:


Semana Santa just ended, and I can only assume that Thalia’s concert this week is a holy miracle. Can the woman sing? Absolutely not. Has she recently put out music? I have not a clue. But those things are completely irrelevant to me, because the Maria la del Barrio/Maria Mercedes/Marimar holy telenovela trinity makes her a saint in my book forever. I can’t tell you how many hours I spent dancing with my cousins to her “Love” album. YES IT’S CHEESY AND NO I DON’T CARE. Also, how can you hate on a person who triumphed over the most perfect telenovela villainess of all time? EVENT DETAILS HERE.


I didn’t make it to Los Amigos Invisibles set at Vive Latino this year, but the traveling Venezolanos are hitting our NYC turf with a show at Webster Hall, so I’ll have a chance to right my wrongs. We’ve all heard ‘Mentiras’ a million times, but this will be a chance to hear some of their new material from the recently album released Repeat After Me. Especially the upbeat disco throwback track ‘Robot Love,’ which you can download for free here. EVENT DETAILS.


First things first: if you haven’t seen Searching for Sugar Man yet please do so immediately. I’m telling you now, so you have nearly a week to get it done before his concert. The documentary, which centers around forgotten 60s Chicano folk singer Rodriguez, is a captivating rock n’ roll Cinderella story. Even the Academy was charmed – the film won Best Documentary at this year’s Oscars. Happily, the film’s notoriety has also revived Rodriguez’s music career (at the age of 70!) and he is currently touring. Don’t miss this chance to catch what some have called the “Chicano Bob Dylan” – seriously, if you only do one of the things in this week’s guide this should be it. EVENT DETAILS HERE.