NYC: What to Do This Weekend

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Photo: PS1 Warm Ups

We’re in the home stretch of summer; pretty soon NYC will go right back into its hibernation period and I’m sorry, party people, but treking out in the snow ain’t cute. Get out, enjoy the sun and fresh air (if you can find it), and have a quick siesta before you get ready this weekend because we are taking over the night. Remezcla’s Guide to NYC Nightlife is a carefully curated list of parties where you can catch us mingling, dancing, and knocking back shots of tequila. We take our weekends very seriously and won’t be caught dead at any fu fu lame shit. Check out what’s in store this weekend below:


UR HEAD IS MINE: Yulan Grant and Yolene Grant continue to curate their performance series entitled ‘UR HEAD IS MINE’ with artists like Abdu Ali, Christopher Udemezue, and BDGRMMR at their gallery space in Chelsea. The team has been living it up afterwards at Dallas BBQ on 23rd St at previous shows; this time, they’re transferring the party to Home Sweet Home where DJ’s False Witness, Battyjack, and Shyboi will continue that art rage. Expect a wide range of music from reggaeton, dancehall, dembow, and UK grime: literal island vibes all night. In case you miss the gallery show, the artist Abdu Ali will also be there doing a special encore performance. Gallery opens at 6PM at the AC Institute, 547 W 27th St in Chelsea. The Afterparty will start at 10PM at Home Sweet Home, 131 Chrystie St in the LES.

iBomba: The iBomba crew are back this month with another installment of their global party at Bembe. This time, they’re bringing in another Bembe favorite, DJ Sabine Blaizin of Brooklyn Mecca. We recommend grabbing a caparinha from the bar (summer vibes!) and finding a cute spot for yourself in the smallish bar where you can whine your waist without worry. Bembe is located at 81 South 6th Street in Brooklyn, party starts at 10PM.


Cosmica: An Art Show: Start off your weekend by heading to this art show curated by the cosmic mujeres April Ibarra Siqueiros, Barbara Calderón, Itzel Alejandra, and Maribel Falcón. Check out the collection of collages, photography, paintings, and other hybrid mediums these young mestiza artists. Plus, enjoy some cool tunes from their DJ, Prince of Queens, who will set the mood for the rest of your night. The Living Gallery is located at 1094 Broadway in Brooklyn. Show starts at 7PM.

Lehman Center Presents Willie Colon, De Vuelta al Barrio: We know that not everyone is into thumping loud bass and that wild kind of turn up, so we suggest checking out the ever popular Willie Colon, who’ll be perfoming at the Lehman Center of the Arts in the Bronx. We got 2 free tickets to see this Salsa OG live, check out the event page and sign up! The winners will be emailed on Thursday 8/14.Show starts at 8PM at the Concert Hall at Lehman College, 250 Bedford Park Blvd West in the Bronx.

Lit City Rave:But for those of you who want something more in your face, catch us dancing at Lit City Rave, which is being held underneath the Williamsburg Bridge at TBA Brooklyn. Yes, that is the name of the venue and yes, we see the hipster irony in calling a place TBA. Come catch False Witness perform, who will be blasting future dembow vibes through this club’s speakers alongside Lity City fam Visionist, J-Cush, Durban, and TCJ. TBA Brooklyn is located at 395 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn. Doors open at 10PM.


MoMA PS1 Warm Up:Who says nightlife has to start at night? Get a head start (if your head isn’t already pounding) to your Saturday and join the crowd at MoMA PS1’s huge courtyard, where the party starts at 3PM sharp with Dubbel Dutch, Visionist, and Blazer Sound System. MoMA PS1 is located at 22-25 Jackson Ave in Long Island City, Queens.

GHE20 G0TH1K: The pinnacle of NYC nightlife is upon us! Venus X and Shayne of Hood By Air present their infamous Ghe20 G0th1k party at Santos Party House. Come see what everyone from Rihanna to Rolling Stone Magazine has been talking about (and co-opting for themselves, apparently). Party starts at 11PM at Santos Party House, 96 Lafayette St NY, NY.

Ultravelvet: For those who prefer to stay in Brooklyn but still wanna get down and/or rave out, head to the super secret jam Ultravelvet, held at the Signal, a new warehouse spot in East Williamsburg. Here you can find Dubbel spin another set, fresh of the heels of his performance at MoMA PS1, along with Battyjack, Lafawndah, and AE Zimmer. Party starts at 10PM at 260 Johnson Ave, Brooklyn.


ADVIL + PEDIALYTE + GREASY FOOD: Yo, relax. You have work on Monday.