NYT asks what you think of PR's status. Tell them!

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The New York Times’ The Learning Network, as it is March 1st, has included a piece on the March 1st 1954 incident in which four members of the Puerto Rican Nationalists’ Party – Lolita Lebron, Rafael Miranda, Irving Flores Rodriguez and Andres Figueroa – entered House of Representatives and began firing, injuring five members of Congress. The Puerto Rican Nationalist party often used violence, and is the same group that tried to assassinate President Truman in another, earlier incident that should totally have a movie made about it.

In the article’s “Connect to Today” section, the Times writes:

In April 2010 the House approved another plebiscite and the President’s Commission on Puerto Rico’s Status released a March 2011 report that called for a plebiscite to be held in 2012 to determine whether Puerto Ricans want independence, statehood or commonwealth status.

In your opinion, what are the pros and cons of each proposed status for Puerto Rico? Which status do you support? What are your thoughts on the potential addition of Puerto Rico as the 51st state? Why?

You know what to do.

Whatever your opinion, go forth and comment!