Obama Supporting Immigration, Got Everyone Buggin’: An Op-Ed

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During a dope interview with Univision’s incomparable Maria Elena Salinas, President Barack Obama reiterated his sentiment from Tuesday’s bomb-ass speech that ”the time is now” for passing immigration reform and seemed confident den-a-mug it’ll happen this year. Optimistic about bi-partisan discussion happening in both the senate and the house, but also acknowledging the uphill battle (like rollerblading up 145th), he hopes to tag-up a proposed bill this year. Maria Elena, as intellectually stimulating as eva, even got him to say “Si, se puede” after asking him flat out if it’ll happen this year. He also said he doesn’t want the pathway to citizenship to happen at some undetermined time in the future, say “mañana” but, you know, like for real and soon.

Unfortunately, not everyone is on the bi-partisan love boat. America’s favorite loud mouth racist, Rush Limbaugh, probably feeling Obama’s Latino heat (pow-chicka-wow-wow) flew to the airwaves on his radio show (I was thinking the same thing: how does he still have one?) to share his usual drivel – you know, his opinion that Mexicans are lazy. Seeing how his usual opinion is also that Mexicans are taking all the jobs, many stores in suburban America ran out of aspirin from all the headaches that ensued. As my grandma said: “Oh my Gah! How could he think they lazy and hard working? Dasstupid.”

Another slithering specimen, congressman Lou Barletta (R-PA), dude who introduced the “Illegal Immigration Relief Act” which penalizes businesses and landlords that rent or give jobs to undocumented immigrants, let an equally bitch- ass set of comments spill out of his busted grill. He claims he’ll oppose immigration reform because Latinos are uneducated, are only here to suck up social programs, and will never vote republican anyway. Aww, Lou-Lou, they’re not going to be your friends, so you don’t want them here? Nah, it’s probably because you’re a fucking racist. Right? Yeah, that’s it.

Obama definitely has his work cut out for him, but he’s never let these bums slow him down before. He said he’d like to pass some form of immigration reform within six months to a year. Word, POTUS pass that du — immigration reform, I mean. Pass that.

What do you think about the opposition to Obama passing immigration reform? Political, racial or both? Please comment below.