Obama Vs. Romney: The Battle for Best 2012 Campaign Buttons

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Even though election day looms tomorrow, the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll has found that 9% of the likely voters are still up for grabs – meaning they’re undecided or simply leaning toward a candidate.  At this late stage in the game, we know basically all we’re going to know about the candidates’ stances on important issues – including the economy, health care, national security, foreign policy, education, immigration, environmental policy, etc – so it’s unclear what undecided voters are waiting for to push them one way or the other. HELLO PEOPLE IT’S TIME TO DECIDE. And I have just the thing to help uncertain Americans make the final call –  an important metric that has heretofore been ignored:

Who has the best campaign buttons?

In order to ensure that my analysis on this important issue was as impartial as possible, I disclose my methodology & criteria below:

A thorough analysis of all available Obama and Romney campaign buttons listed on Ebay, America’s Greatest Auction.

Buttons must display creativity, originality, and the ability to move beyond clichés. Extra points for injecting humor in a unique way.

First off, let’s talk numbers. There are 944 total results for “Obama Campaign buttons” on Ebay, 428 of which are relevant to the 2012 election specifically. In contrast, “Romney campaign buttons” only turns up 343 total results, with 258 of those corresponding specifically to the 2012 election. To minimize the impact of Obama’s incumbent advantage when it comes to sheer numbers of campaign buttons to choose from, I decided to calculate what percentage of the respective candidates’ button totals met the criteria listed above. Without further ado:


Shepherd Fairey’s iconic “Hope” poster gets co-opted here to diss Biden. BURN.

This one is especially funny in light of the Hugo Chavez/Cesar Chavez Twitter confusion that occurred earlier this month when Obama designated Cesar Chavez’s former home a national monument. Haha people are dumb.


Okay, there’s a chance that this is actually a pin meant to diss Romney, because maybe skidoos are only for the 1%? I don’t know, but I think he looks like he’s having a grand old time here, AND it rhymes. Seems pretty festive to me.

It’s a no brainer.  Get it?!?!

This one made it on the list for the laughable photoshop job and also because I truly believe Ann Coulter might be Voldemort, which makes her a powerful ally to have on your team.

LOL at the fact that this button puts LeVar Burton’s visor on Romney. You still won’t get the black vote Mittens.

I guess SciFi nerds are really into Romney? This one wins for its visual punnery.

How far can we take this pun? “Scared Mittless.” “I don’t give a Mitt.” I could do this for days.

This one isn’t even that funny, but it was kind of slim pickings…

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