Obama Watch at PINTA

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The hottest fashion accessory at the PINTA Art Fair?

A faux bling Obama watch. We spotted Chilean artist Catalina Swinburn K (below) wearing one at the Isabel Aninat gallery stand, where she is showing her work “Colectivo en Memoria.” Catalina said she had bought it moments ago from a man who was going around the art fair selling watches out of a box, but we couldn’t find him. Anyone seen him? Is it part of a performance?

What we did see last night at the inaugural reception was a LOT of people, from local artists such as Dulce Pinzon and Sergio Barrios “El Hase” to fashion designer Sergio Davila and Cuban arts patron Carole Rosenberg (founder of Havana Film Festival New York). And lots, lots of rich, older (Latin American) “patrons” as they say. Oh, the art world!

The second edition of the Pinta Art Fair is being held at the Metropolitan Pavilion on 18th Street until Sunday.

Catalina Swinburn K, Chilean artist showing at Isabel Aninat Gallery

Jodie Dinapoli showing Hisae Ikenaga’s phonebooks at Praxis

Y Gallery’s Cecilia Jurado