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Tenemos CAMBIO! Remezcla congratulates President Obama on this special inauguration day! Americans around the world watched (on TV, on the internet, on facebook….) as Barack H. Obama became the 44th President of the United States. About 2 million people gathered on the National Mall forming a mixed crowd representative of the U.S.’s changing face. Latinos, a large base of support for Obama during his campaign, were also cheering him on in D.C., throughout the U.S., and even in Latin America! The photos below were submitted by spectators worldwide to the New York Times website (which we’re also extremely addicted to… that, and the facebook live stream. Yay for technology!)

Javier Galvez in some winter Aztec garb.

Obama has changed the norm for younger generations of Latinos growing up in the U.S.

Nick Mahshie in Argentina and many Latin Americans are celebrating the arrival of the Obamas into the White House.

As prefaced by Obama, inauguration day was the easy part – a rough, but promising road lies ahead. As for now, we’ll continue celebrating el cambio. Remezcla wants to know how you celebrated the inauguration of Presidente Obama! Obamanos!

To view more reader photos, check out the New York Times website.