Obama's Win, Everyone's Gain

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Last night we watched history play out in front of teary eyes and open ears. Obama won by a landslide thanks to a huge turnout of newly registered voters, nearly 70% of Latino voters and black supporters across the country. Obama’s win represents so much not only to people of color, but all American people who have proved they’re ready for change.

We have lived to see patriotism get a much needed makeover. For the first time in my life I can honestly say I’m proud to be American. It’s so beautiful to see a man who’s struggled in his lifetime, grew up working class, started out grassroots, rise to the top.

The fight’s not over yet. The struggle will always continue, but for once there’s a foundation set up that the people believe in.

When first-lady-to-be, Michelle Obama, stepped out in her risky red Narciso Rodriguez dress with kids in tow, I saw a revolution unfold in front of my eyes. The White House finally has a different kind of family moving in; one that we the people can relate to.

As people all around the world celebrated Obama’s victory, I was stuck to the TV like glue, mesmerized by Obama’s speech and embracing tears of relief. After burning a stick of sage and thanking the creator for a trustworthy leader, I took to the streets of Echo Park where people cheered and honked horns in honor of our new president.

A bigger party was taking place in Century City here in Los Angeles with Senators Diane Feinstein and Barbara Boxer, Jason Bentley, Shepard Fairey, Jeremy Sole, and DJ Z-Trip and of course at Remezcla and Voto Latino’s get-down in NYC, but the mass text messaging and nonstop phone calls provided all the celebration I needed.

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