Omar Rodriguez Lopez Drops First Album on Stones Throw Records

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The Mars Volta guitarist/producer/writer/arranger Omar Rodriguez Lopez will release his first album, Old Money, on his new Stones Throw Records label come January 27, 2009.

What’s being called addictive, passionate, and the most accessible of his non-Volta recordings, Old Money is sure to compliment the already too-cool-for-school label that houses music by Madlib, Aloe Blacc, Peanut Butter Wolf, and The Stark Reality.

“Loosely based on the concept of exploitative industrialists and, well, their old money, the album presents a 10-track collection of concise rock compositions, which range from progressive to psychedelic to downright funky,” says the Stones Throw Records website.

The album features “The Power of Myth“, the haunting, Middle Eastern-psych flavored “How to Bill the Bilderberg Group“, and the so-called blistering “Population Council’s Wet Dream.”

Be excited. Be very excited.

Old Money Track List:

01 The Power of Myth
02 How to Bill the Bilderberg Group
03 Population Council’s Wet Dream
04 Private Fortunes
05 Trilateral Commission as Dinner Guests
06 1921
07 Family War Funding (Love Those Rothschilds)
08 Vipers in the Bosom
09 I Like Rockefellers’ First Two Albums, but After That…
10 Old Money