As Andrés Manuel López Obrador settles into his new position as Mexico’s president, the media is scrutinizing Enrique Peña Nieto’s legacy as he vacates the office. And it seems the general public is also curious to learn how EPN lived in his six years as president. On the first day that AMLO took office, he opened up Los Pinos, the presidential home, to the public. Since then, many have flocked to Casa Miguel Alemán, one of the five houses in Los Pinos and the former home of EPN. And people are not impressed.

Casa Miguel Alemán, as it turns out, is pretty bare, according to El Financiero. When EPN, wife Angélica Rivera, and the rest of the crew moved out of their home, they seemed to have taken more than just their belongings. People were overheard saying, “there’s no furniture,” “the only thing they didn’t take was the lightbulbs,” and more. Enrique Esparza told El Financiero that he was upset about the lack of things to see. “I’m excited but a bit bothered by how empty it is,” he said. “There’s nothing here, but it’s important to see this place.”

Marian López, who arrived at the house from Azcapotzalco, said seeing the empty house was reflective of Peña Nieto’s presidency. “This reminds us that this government was marked by accusations of theft and that’s how it ends,” she said. “They took everything from the presidential home.”

Check out Univision’s video below learn about the linens, paintings, and more that the family has reportedly taken.

Enrique Peña Nieto y Angélica Rivera enfrentan nuevo escándalo por desaparición de objetos de valor de Los Pinos.Vía El Gordo y La Flaca

Posted by Univision on Thursday, December 6, 2018