New Ticket Lottery for Lin-Manuel Miranda’s ‘Hamilton’ Crashes Website

Lead Photo: Joan Marcus
Joan Marcus
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Lin-Manuel Miranda‘s wildly successful Hamilton, aka the hip-hop retelling of the U.S.’ first Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton, is sold out through the fall. But Miranda, being the nice guy that he is, has been offering same-day tickets for $10 through a lottery system.

As a result, massive crowds have lined up to get lottery tickets on standby. Since there were only a limited number of tickets, there were a lot of losers. But to make missing out on tickets better, Miranda treated audiences to pre-show performances and was often joined by special guests. (See Lea Salonga here.)

The Ham4Ham performances have gotten so popular that they had to be suspended for safety issues, which means Ham4Ham is going digital, according to Gothamist. From now until March, you can win Hamilton tickets online by entering your information before the lottery closes in the afternoon. The lucky 21 winners have 60 minutes to claim their front-row tickets.

Fair warning, though, it’s going to be just as hard to get tickets, and today, the lottery won’t be held online as they continue to work out the kinks. On Tuesday, the site crashed after there were more than 50,000 unique entries. And unfortunately, too many people were mistakenly told they won, so they now feel Miss Colombia’s pain.