Pablo Escobar’s Pink Miami Beach Mansion Has Been Demolished

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Pablo Escobar’s Colombian home Hacienda Nápoles may be a stop on multiple tours based on the drug lord’s life, but his South Beach home doesn’t have the same allure. On Tuesday, demolition on the Pepto Bismol-colored house began, and owner Christian de Berdouare, owner of Chicken Kitchen, was glad to see that part of Miami’s dark history gone.

“I’m very excited to see the house of the devil disappearing right before our eyes,” he said about the four-bedroom, 6,500-square foot mansion, according to ABC. “This was the biggest criminal in the history of the world. I would like to be associated with something more uplifting, but nevertheless, it is a part of the city.”

TODAY – Demolition began on the former Miami Beach mansion of Colombian drug lord Pablo #Escobar:…

Posted by Michael Spears on Tuesday, January 19, 2016

If de Berdouare doesn’t want to be associated with Escobar, then he’s doing a lousy job. A week before it was torn down, he had professionals inspect the house for anything from Escobar’s day. Something was found in the walls, but Berdouare refused to provide any further details. Instead, the findings will be unveiled in a documentary about Escobar, according to the New York Daily News.

“It’s either money, or it’s gold, or it’s jewels, or it’s arms, or it’s drugs, or it’s a dead body,” de Berdouare said.

Surprisingly, de Berdouare didn’t know anything the house belonged to Escobar when he bought it in 2014 for $9.65 million. Escobar reportedly purchased the home in 1980 for $762,500, but the deed says he only paid $10.