The Chola Look by Pachuca Cosmetics, Makeover or Under?

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Urban Dictionary defines a chola as a Latina gangster, girls who wear “hella” makeup, an all-around badass chick. A pachuca is defined as “Chicana/Hispanic girl that dresses in gang clothing and is in a street gang.” Either way, a pachuca or chola have a definitive style and look—and it’s definitely a commitment to uphold. Though we have to ask, is it necessarily a group we’d want to mimic? If the answer is “seguro,” then Bay area-based Pachuca Cosmetics makes it easy for you to attain this coveted chola look with their Hola Chola make up and how-to sessions. The company states that “Pachucas were the first subculture group to exhibit their rebellion by display through clothing, hairdos and makeup.”

Freedom of expression through fashion and makeup is all good, but if your makeup entails a tear drop under your eye (a classic gang war badge of honor post shanking), then is this trend promoting beauty and self expression or yet another violent portrayal of Chicano history? You tell us. Either way, try to avoid using the Pachuca palette for a job interview. Just sayin’.