Packs of Stray Dogs Run This Town in Argentina

Lead Photo: La Voz
La Voz
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Wednesday may have been National Dog Day, but we’ll take any excuse to write about dogs. In some parts of Latin America – Mexico and Argentina, for example – there are monuments dedicated to perros callejeros, where the stray dog population can often get out of control. In the small Argentine town of Estación General Paz, there are more dogs than people, according to La Voz. With 3,000 dogs and 2,300 people living in 753 homes, there are more than three dogs per household. Unfortunately, most of these dogs are strays, which Romina Olivo of Asociación Salvar Hocico says is a problem that worries her. One dog in particular, nicknamed el Bigotudo, runs away from cars, but isn’t afraid of motorcycles and bikes. One of the town’s residents says that El Bigotudo will even jump on motorcyclists, almost threatening to bite them.

Olivo is working to re-educate the public to fix the problem, which she said has started because dogs have been abandoned and people haven’t spayed or neutered their pets. In a video published by La Voz, dogs can be seen on the front yards of houses, in the parks, and on the street.

Watch it below:

(via La Voz)