When a video of a man using a hammer and a crowbar to remove Trump’s name from the Trump International Hotel and Towel in Panama, the internet rejoiced. But that video did little to highlight the drama that had unfolded behind the scenes, nor did it mark its end. Since Orestes Fintiklis purchased a majority share of the hotel in August, he’s worked to push the Trumps out of the hotel’s administration. But the family has refused to budge from the 70-story building – Donald Trump’s only hotel venture in Latin America. With both sides refusing to back down, hotel guests witnessed the discord – the yelling and the shoving. As soon as a Panamanian court ruled in favor of Fintiklis taking over the hotel, the Trump name came off the facade. Now, as the two sides continue fighting, the hotel is selling cocktails that poke fun at President Donald Trump.

Last year, the owners of the hotel tried to fire the Trump Organization – which had a long-term contract to manage the property – after a loss in revenue. The Trump Organization, however, would not go, according to The New York Times. When the court ruled in Fitiklis’ favor, he headed to lobby and proceeded to “Accordeon,” a Greek song about fighting fascism, on the baby grand piano. At the time, the Trump hotel said it would continue to fight.

This week, a New York judge denied the Trump firm the ability to enter arbitration in hopes of taking back control of the hotel. But it’s hardly the only blow to Trump as the hotel, which is now known as Bahia Grand Panama, has also changed its drink menu to troll him. In one tweet, New York Times correspondent Kirk Semple showed that the hotel has traded its Trump-themed cocktail menu for a Trump-themed menu that highlights the president’s woes. With drinks like Stormy Jack Daniels, Little Rocket Man, and Fire and Fury, we’d say this is certainly an upgrade.