A Grandma Has Accidentally Worn This Panama Shirt for Two Decades to Celebrate 4th of July

Lead Photo: Photo by NTCo / iStock / Getty Images Plus
Photo by NTCo / iStock / Getty Images Plus
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It’s understandable that people confuse the flags of Cuba and Puerto Rico, Argentina and Uruguay, and Texas and Chile. But you probably wouldn’t expect someone to mix up the flags for the United States and Panama. Except for the red, white, and blue color scheme, the two banners are completely different. Yet for the past 25 years, one grandma has mistakenly worn a Panamanian tee to celebrate the Fourth of July in the US.

On Twitter, Dale Cheesman posted a picture of his abuelita wearing the Panama shirt. “My grandma has worn the same shirt with red, white, blue, and stars to celebrate the 4th of July for more than 25 years,” he said. “Every year, she wears the exact same shirt. Thanks to the #WorldCup, we finally noticed it’s the Panama flag. Over 25 years of treason.”

The tweet has since gone viral, and now Panamanians are in Dale’s mentions inviting his grandma to the dominguera and telling her to wear it on Panama’s Independence Day on November 3.

And of course, there was this keen observation about who Captain America is truly reppin: