The Most Important Member of the Coaching Staff for a Paraguayan Team Is This Stray Dog

Lead Photo: Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment
Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment
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Anyone who’s joined a sports team knows that coaches inspire and motivate players. And it’s no different at Club Sportivo 2 de Mayo – even if the member of the coaching staff is a pup.

For the Paraguayan team, Carlos Saguier is certainly the person making all the calls, but its Tesapara – a stray dog the team that has taken residence at the Monumental Río Parapití – that is serving as 2 de Mayo’s good luck charm. It all started when Saguier offered the dog a piece of an empanada. Since then, she hasn’t left Saguier’s side – even during matches – and is now unofficially the trainer’s assistant. “Tesapara is the guardian of the club,” Saguier told Crónica. “She lives there – when the gates close she is fierce but by day she is friendly. She accompanies me on the pitch, in the corridors, in the office.”

Since Tesapara joined the club, 2 de Mayo has had a good run of form.