Paraguay’s Igualdad Parade Turned into a Big Gay Wedding

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Paraguayans are fighting for their own #lovewins victory, and on Saturday, during la Parada de la Igualdad, same-sex couples staged symbolic weddings as a form of protest. The event was hosted by SomosGay, Lesvos and the LGBT Paraguayan Federation, and The Walkers, Abuela Dj, and N4 performed. SomosGay promoted the event with some very Beyoncé circa Put a Ring on It images, while also talking about the 1969 Stonewall riots as a turning point.

If you actually look at map of where gay marriage is legal, the world as a whole is still overwhelmingly into telling people who they can and can’t marry, a June Statista map shows. In Latin America, only Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, and some parts of Mexico see no difference between gays and straights getting married  in the eyes of the law.