New Jersey: Land of Los Tan Freakies

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A New Jersey woman–Patricia Krentcil–has been accused of endangering her young daughter by taking her to a tanning booth. However, what people are actually wondering: is this woman’s chocolate brown tan for real?

Here at Remezcla we’re actually wondering: does Krentcil have a deep-seated desire to be Latina? Our olive complexion is muy sought after, but she may have taken it too far. There’s been some debate as well on the stance of the woman’s race now–if technically, racially, pigment-ally speaking–she is now Latina,  black or what?

The freakie woman lives in “Nutley,” New Jersey (see the video interview w/ her). Sounds about right. New Jersey is not only home to Krentcil, but a whole host of other too tan freakies, including Snooki.

The Latino competition for tanniest freakie:

1. Fernando Colunga

On the beach in NJ

2.Roberto Palazuelos

3. Adela Micha

5. Luis Miguel

5. Snooki

Should Krentcil be punished for her daughter’s burn? Is it possible to be too tan? Is this racist? So many questions, tell us what you think below!