Penélope Cruz's Brother Gets a Little Video Help

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Eduardo Cruz is a 22-year old singer/songwriter from Spain signed to Warner Music. He is also Penelope Cruz’s youngest brother. Last year he released his debut album, Cosas que contar, to little fanfare, repeatedly emphasizing in interviews he had always tried to distance himself from his famous sister and middle sister, Mónica, who’s a well-known actress in Spain (and who REALLY looks like Penelope! ¿Más fea o más linda? That’s a never-ending debate). Until now.

For Eduardo’s third single, it seems like management, the label or someone smart told the kid to stop trying to pose as a struggling artist before he actually became one and take the fact he had famous sisters to his advantage. Why not have a little fun with it,  take it to the extreme? Such is the case with the video, starring Pe & Mo in raunchy, lesbian scenes, and even with the added bonus of surprise star Mía Maestro, who makes out with Penélope. And it works! The video has been viewed more than a million times, and months after his CD release people are hearing about Penelope’s little bro’s existence for the first time.

The director is Jaume Delaiguana, also a photographer and BFF with Alejandro Sanz and Shakira. Above is the director’s cut that you won’t see on MTV Tr3s with some extra scenes.

Why Penélope Cruz is putting herself through this is beyond us, but she’s very into helping the less fortunate in her family lately: along with Monica, they have their own clothing line at Spanish retailer Mango. It did so well for winter that they’re renewing the campaign for summer. Check it out at the new Mango store in SoHo (first US store!).  She’s also dating Javier Bardem, who might not be as good looking but he is TALENTED and not overexposed.