NYC: We Found Your Dominican Day Parade Strapback

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Twitter: @AndreaGompf

Go to a party at La Marina or Apt 78, and chances are you’ll see someone rocking a shirt or hat from lifestyle brand the Peralta Project. For years now, graphic designer Tony Peralta has been a leading figure in Washington Heights’ creative circles;  his brand of shirts, hats and totes, which mix NYC Latino grit, hip-hop culture and high-end references, are streetwear for people who want to rep the mix of cultures that influence them.

Just in time for this weekend’s Dominican Day parade this weekend, Peralta is dropping a new leather strapback hat that will be the perfect complement to your R.D. pride alphet. It will be released today at 5pm, exclusively at Empire Fashion Boutique.

Empire Fashion Boutique
4795 Broadway, New York, NY