Peru Amazonas Region Rocked by 7.5 Magnitude Earthquake

Lead Photo: Photo by Gary S Chapman
Photo by Gary S Chapman
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Peru was rocked by a 7.5 magnitude earthquake Sunday, November 28th. The earthquake’s epicenter was reported to be in the Amazonas region in northern Peru. No fatalities have been reported but there was extensive structural damage to roads, bridges, and buildings in the area. Reuters reports that 75 homes were destroyed in the earthquake that was felt as far away as Lima.

President Pedro Castillo Terrones quickly responded to the disaster and has pledged assistance to all of the Peruvian citizens affected by the earthquake. President Castillo Terrones has visited the region of the country that experienced the strong earthquake. Along with emergency management officials, the president is creating a plan to help the affected areas.

“All my solidarity with the people of Amazonas in the face of the strong earthquake,” tweeted President Castillo Terrones. “I have arranged for the ministries and agencies of the executive branch to implement immediate action. You are not alone, brothers. We will support those affected by structural damage.”

According to the National Institute of Civil Defense (Indeci), 220 homes were affected. Of the 220, 81 are uninhabitable and 75 were destroyed. The earthquake was strong enough to be felt in neighboring Ecuador and Colombia. 

Social media users are sharing videos of the earthquake. Part of the properties affected by the earthquake includes several places of worship. According to USA Today, a centuries-old tower of a Catholic church collapsed. The collapse is a historical casualty in Barranca, Peru, an oceanside town.

No tsunami warnings, watches, or threats were issued as a result of the earthquake.