Peru’s Butt Psychic Bibian Arango Has Predictions on Barack Obama, Kim K & Hillary Clinton

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Thanks to Fusion‘s Manuel Rueda, we learned that rumpology – when someone tells your future by the way your butt looks – is a thing that exists. Rueda was in Lima, Peru, to meet with Bibian Arango, who calls herself one of the few rumpology experts in the world. According to…herself, she’s so good that she knew what the future held for Shakira even in the absence of IRL butt palpation. “I predicted that Shakira was going to have babies with a soccer player…just by looking at a picture of her butt,” she told Fusion.

Arango is on Peruvian TV every day, where she does live readings of celebrities. Check out the video below to see what that looks like:

For Fusion, Vidente Arango also looked at other public figures to talk about their futures. Arango said President Barack Obama is “going through family problems.” She adds that he may fall ill, but that she can tell by his butt shape that he’s a cool dude. When she examined Kim K’s butt, she said that a) it was fake b) she’s going to have bad luck in love. Finally, her analysis of Hillary Clinton was confusing. She first started off by saying that she’s had a lot of marriage trouble, but that she has an upcoming important project. “I see her signing papers,” she said.

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