Q&A: Phero's Plan B

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It isn’t only a local thing that Phero (Eric Lopez) has pulled off, and much like the city of wind, he has also made way into the ears of others in various cities. Recently, the Pilsen resident has gone a lot farther than the corner store. He just released his new mixtape, Plan B, and returned from his New York State of Mind Tour, where he performed in Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx.

Remezcla sat down with Phero to get the scoop on Chicago’s native hip-hop son.


You just returned from  New York, what caught your attention?

Being in New York was a great experience. The people, art, and culture out there are amazing and they showed a lot of support. The music scene out there is everywhere as far as genres. I appreciate diversity. New York has a whole lot of that. The constant grind out there is on another level and super fast. Every corner is an opportunity. I got inspired to continue my growth and work even harder. The world is yours.

Describe your music. How does Chicago influence your music?

Sound wise I enjoy crafting songs with vinyl samples of jazz, soul, latin funk, or anything with a powerful force.

Can we blame it on Chicago for being such a diversified Renaissance man?

Being born and raised in Chicago really influenced me as an artist to progress with no limits. Chicago is a beautiful place of hustle, survival, and triumph. I express that in my music as much as possible. I get my style of delivery from the energy of it all, especially when riding the bus or train.

What’s you’re technique for writing music?

My lyrics are released in many different ways depending on the beat. Sometimes it will take me up to an hour to compose a full song on my laptop or write a song in my head and memorize it. I do most of my creating on public transportation, there is something about the experience that really helps me put my thoughts in[to] words.

What other places have led to the production of your music?

Last year I decided to move to San Francisco and write new music in a totally different environment. I packed my bags with a CD full of beats and released it all. Four months later, Plan B mixtape was born.

What can we expect from your new release, Plan B?

I did a lot of growing as an artist and as a young man in the record. With production by some of hip-hop’s finest beatsmiths, I really wanted to take my lyrics to another level by delivering stories, clever side notes, and interesting subjects.

OK Renaissance man, trick question! iPod, Walkman, or record player? Book or Kindle?

iPod all day and tomorrow! Book! Long live paper.

Any new work?

Currently I’m working on the next album that is scheduled to be released late summer/early fall. I’m also starting my own music label, make sure to be on the look out for Why Knot Records coming very soon.


Download Phero’s Plan B for FREE here.