Photography A-Z

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Hogar Collection has had the brilliant idea to showcase a sporadic, but concise collection of Photographic work by seven different Argentinean photographers. Visually, the different works don’t have much in common. From the overly colorful digital compostions by Mariano Farinaccio to Richard Etkins flower portraits, the exhibition shows each artist dealing with a different theme. The lack of visual correlation between pieces may not tie the work to one another, but the ’homey’ setting provided by Hogar Collection, allows the pieces to be seen as a ’private’ collection, thus providing a personal perception of what is a portrait, a document, architecture, landscape and time.

Works to be highlighted are Julio Grinblatt’s architectural black and white photographs featuring empty corridors, which play with the sense of perception and distort the viewer’s sense of proportion and abstraction. What seem as simple lines, suddenly become a composition of spaces and distances, which introduce the viewer to another dimension.

The other work to excell is Bibi Calderaro’s 8mm, Blinking Landscape, which portrays two separate screenings set one aside the other, one being a single blinking image and the other a lanscape with changing shadows in time. Almost ethreal, this work pieces together the distict perceptions of time. Every element is crucial in speaking to the audience, the film ticking, the eyes blinking, the shadows moving, all reflect on the ’now & then.’

Other photographers featured: Nicolas Goldberg, Pablo Abuliak & Cecilia Biagini.

Photography A-Z will be on exhibit through November 21, 2004.

Gallery Hours: Thursday- Monday 12:00 – 7:30 and by appointment.