Curators and Cocktails: A Weekend at the PINTA Art Fair

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Twitter: @labarbaraaa

The PINTA Latin American art festival came to a close yesterday and whisked away an assemblage of polished art professionals along with their cosmopolitan art pieces that included (among many others) a gold painting of Fidel Castro, a world map realized in colored-pencil shavings and a life-size dollar bill, slashed and coiled in a corner.

The scene at PINTA included a gathering of modish gallerists, curators, and artists smattered among two floors of exquisite installations. Art admirers floated among the gallery walls nipping at champagne and brie along the way. For fancy treat and drink offerings, the Latin-inspired restaurants Novecento and Comodo provided bars and seating areas for the diverse and stylish crowd. And the center of attention, the art, came in all forms: velvet knots, tropical bird chandeliers, and Yves Saint Laurent lipstick scrawlings were a few. And in addition to the visuals, lectures boasting keen analysis and contextualization accompanied the festival, even though most of the art spoke for itself.

This is the seventh installation of PINTA in NYC, and it’s sure to return next year. But in case you missed the art fair and would like to keep an eye on the Latin American art market, several art galleries in NYC host work from Latin American artists including: Cecilia de Torres, Henrique Faria, Josée Bienvenu, Salon 94, Cristina Grajales, Y Gallery and Julian Navarro Projects.