Pitbull Late Show Appearance Tonight Maybe Worth Watching

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For all you Cubanos orgullosos, watch The Late Show With David Letterman tonight! Maybe… The special guest performer is the one-and-only Pitbull, who of course you know we have a love-hate relationship with. Yes, he’s a cuban artist. Yes, he’s been in a foto with our mascot doll XoXa (see above). Yes, his music sounds like it was made by execs trying to turn a buck, but, yeah, it’s catchy, rhythmic, danceable.  The video for the new single looks like a car commercial – throwing in a trendy dub step moment for good measure – but is actually for Men In Black 3 (like we really need another) coming out this Friday.

Our insiders (my mom) tell us Pitbull did deliver a great show at the taping last night – an awesome and energetic performance with stellar percussion (three bongos, etc) and a lot of dancing. May just be worth watching. Especially if you liked him before he was big, not since he went commercial…etc. Let us know your thoughts.