NFL Player Documents Carnival Cruise Ship Rescue of 16 Cuban Immigrants in the Gulf of Mexico

Lead Photo: James Harrison
James Harrison
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In between posting pictures of himself soaking up the sun while on a Carnival cruise, NFL player James Harrison also took images of 16 Cuban immigrants being rescued in the Gulf of Mexico by ship workers. The Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker was aboard a “Legends of Pittsburgh”-themed trip, and it’s obvious from his Instagram account that his mind was blown.

However, ABC 13 reports that these kind of rescues are neither rare nor common. Earlier this month, a Disney cruise ship was en route to the Cayman Islands when it came across 12 immigrants south of Cuba, according to the Independent. That same ship had picked up 8 immigrants who were stranded 45 miles away from Key West in 2013.

U.S. Coast Guard 7th District spokesman Jon-Paul Rios told CNN that cruise ships have agreed to pick up stranded immigrants and to hand them over to authorities at the next port of call.