Póntelo: con mi condon, voy a 100%

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I love NY. And apparently, NY loves me too. Or wants me to be loved … or at least get laid.  And not just me—ALL of us. Wheeeee!

Today, the City of New York is launching a huge new glossy ad campaign with the tag line "GET SOME!"  And no, we don’t have our mind in the gutter and aren’t twisting the message (okay, mind is permanently in the gutter, but that’s not the point)… It’s the new NYC condom campaign. You know, for the free ones with the subway lines on them.

If you remember correctly, the NYC Health Dept free condom thang started on Valentine’s Day LAST year, but they’ve decided it’s time for a makeover and have revamped the whole campaign with flashy, colorful, "hip" videos and posters, which you will soon be seeing everywhere (TV, bus stops, subway trains, etc etc). We’re digging the graphics, and are mostly loving that the city put all this effort and money into encouraging New Yorkers to do the nastayy. I mean, if you insist, Mayor Bloomberg!! OK, it’s about practicing SAFE sex, but there’s something about that "Get Some!" call to action…

Naturally, they created a special "Latin" campaign (lots of spicy Latin lovers on the loose—guatch out!), with an extra-clichéd video and whole slogan of its own — "Póntelo!" (LOVE IT! Almost better than "Get Some!")  But the best part is the song… here goes (click here to watch and sing along … don’t think these are on YouTube yet, so we couldn’t embed… grrrr)

Sabor latino
Yo con mi música vacilo
y con mi verbo descargando
Te lo digo

New York City, I’m gonna getcha
Dame meneo, dame sentimiento

Si, uh huh

Oye morena
Con tu calor nos ha perdido
Vaya mi gente
Muy sabroso y protegido

En New York City, ni lo pienso
Con mi condon voy a cien por ciento

Oye baby, tu me comprendes?

Get some!

[Huh?? …and yes, first time I heard this, I could have sworn he said "Con mi verga descargando, te lo digo…" — oops, did I say that? Mind in gutter, mind in gutter.]

But the fun doesn’t stop here, folks! They’ve also got Jazz and Hip Hop versions, and who should appear in the Jazz one but some familiar Remezcla faces… Aldo aka DJ Papichulo from Fresa Salvaje and Jun, frequent Remezcla contributor and videographer.  Check them out here. (And in the image above… note that they’re on Gay Street. Again, LOVE it!)

Now, onto business.  The condoms are lubricated Lifestyles, and street teams will be distributing them in full force today all over the city, to ensure we all GET SOME tonight!!! (Sigh, if only it were so easy…)

Here’s a list of where YOU can get some (from 8-10am and 5-7pm, unless otherwise noted):

– 59th Street – Columbus Circle
– 42nd Street – Grand Central
– 42nd Street – Times Square
– Penn Station (morning only)
– 14th Street – Union Square
– Brooklyn Bridge – City Hall
– Wall Street and Broadway (evening hours are 4 – 6 pm)
– Fulton and Nassau Streets (evening hours are 4 – 6 pm)
– Whitehall Street – South Ferry
– 125th Street, by the Apollo Theatre
– 149th & Grand Concourse – Bronx
– Queensboro Plaza – Queens
– Atlantic Avenue Station – Brooklyn (morning only)
– Borough Hall/Court Street – Brooklyn

Visit the official NYC Condom Website for all the juicy (ja!) details, and call 311 for more info on where you can get free NYC condoms ANY day of the year.


[especial thanks to Edson and Natalie for their help on this… jeje]